1. The Problem

Humans are wrecking Earth and food is a third of the problem.

Our food systems and consumer cultures have led us to push our environment to breaking point. Our oceans are overfished, our forests are felled, our landfills are full and our air is polluted. 

With food production having to double by 2050, the question of how we feed ourselves will be critical to the progress and success of humanity. We believe the most fundamental thing we need to solve for the future to be good (or even exist) is our relationship with our planet- surpassing the importance of getting to Mars, one dollar razor blades or even what Trump tweeted in his boxers this morning. 

It should be simple: food shouldn’t have to destroy our environment or be harmful to our health, it must be exactly the opposite. 

2. The Vision

We believe insects can play a major role in solving these problems. Insects are far more sustainable to produce than conventional meats, are extremely nutritious and are tasty af- we just need to stop freaking out over their appearance. After all, people love shellfish and they are hardly the best lookers.

To get over this stigma the ento industry must first address the most critical of it’s problems- a lack of awareness that insects are good food. 

3. The Plan

Staged in two phases:

Phase One: Grow Market

  • Use an online and social media marketing strategy to distribute sexy recipe videos and well curated content.

  • With the content, grow a following of health conscious early adopters and existing entomophagists. 

  • Use our following to build an incentivised grassroots growth model that uses followers as ambassadors of our message- similar to the growth model of veganism. 

Phase Two: Go Market 

  • Leverage our following to test and learn about what services and products our audience would like to see.

  • Use those results to develop the most viable products and services. 

Then think about how we can get everyone to eat unicorns. Possibly.