Original SSMP


1. The Problem

The food industry sucks.

It should be simple. The things we eat shouldn't have to destroy the environment to give us enough nutrition and deliciousness for the day. Don't even get us started on animal welfare.

2. The Vision

We think insects are the future of food.

They are little bites of nutrition chock full of goodness without overwhelming you with that greasy burger guilt. Bugs produce way less pollution, are much more ethically farmed, and also make you a real trendsetter!

3. The Plan

www.bug.recipes is our tool to make insects normal food for the rest of us.

Our site will make it easy-peasy to fit bugs into your lifestyle. Imagine sexy recipe videos you can follow along to at home, and a store that helps you click your way to food on your plate.

So what are we waiting for? Let's eat food that we can be proud to support.