Our Privates.



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Stuff we collect

We mainly collect email addresses. Just the ones that you send us, so that we can send you back beautiful things like our newest recipe ideas.

We also collect data on how you use our website using cookies placed by Squarespace- our website host. Cookies will run by default upon entering our site but can be deactivated if thats how you like to roll (see next section).

We think cookies are delicious, especially with milk 🍪. But also because they help us understand what you guys enjoy and are not enjoying so much, so that we can make our site even better! 


If you must go 😢

If you have had enough of our cookies (with bugs or otherwise) you can open up cookie settings in your web browser to disable them. 

Otherwise if you'd like to have your email removed from our register, or indeed have any other query or question don't hesitate to send email us at: crunch@bug.recipes. We don't bite (but we might sting).


❤️ Team BUG