Insects are kick ass food.
Here's why ↓


Cows fart their way to 100x more greenhouse gases per kilo of protein than crickets. That stinks in more ways than one...


Crickets are the super food yoga mum's dreamed of:
more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, and 

more protein than beef.

The next kale indeed.


Livestock like their space. Insects like it cosy.



Naturally dense living conditions mean insects  are super efficient to farm and makes intensive farming wayyy more ethical. 

Crickets Have All the Proteins.gif

Crickets contain high ass levels of protein and boast a complete range of amino acids. 




Now shut up and squat.  



Beef requires over 12 times more feed than crickets to produce the same amount of meat!


Isn’t that just ludicrious?!


Unlike other livestock, insects eat the stuff you don’t. They are very happy munching on organic waste that would otherwise be thrown away, helping to save the planet’s precious resources.


How considerate! 🐛